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Heal Your Anxiety today

with Emilie Clarke


My name is Emilie Clarke and I’m a spiritual guide and anxiety coach. I help my students all over the world successfully healed her anxiety with my Love vs. Fear method!


And the reason I’m so dedicated to helping you heal your anxiety is because I used to be you. Anxiety wrecked my life for years. Now that I’ve healed my anxiety, I help other women do the same!


today's meditation:

Today, I surrender all my anxious thoughts to you, the Universe.

love your anxiety

My heart could explode with JOY when I get this feedback from my students and clients! ⁣What would become available to YOU if you said YES to the miracle of help and support with your anxiety? ⁣


“I feel like I haven't had really much anxiety this past week, which has been really awesome! So, I've just been like HALLELUJAH!”

- anxiety academy student