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choose again

Imagine being a peaceful business owner.

Imagine being the entrepreneur that sleeps well at night.

Imagine being the coach who isn’t rattled when a client ghosts you on payments.

Imagine feeling safe in your business.

Imagine being a business owner who has a rested nervous system.

This is available to you!

There is a shift in perception that will turn any “stressful” situation in your business into an opportunity that liberates you.

It’s called “choose again.”

choose again

Picture the last time you felt stressed out in your business. You feel the frustration or the anger or the fear consume your body. You have racing thoughts. You’re frantically trying to figure out the best outcome. This is when you choose again. In that moment you don’t focus on what’s stressing you out, you focus on how you’re feeling. Because it’s not about the negative customer feedback… it’s really about how it makes you feel.

choose again

By focusing on the internal and not the trigger, you’re able to stabilize yourself and therefore make the best decision on how to move forward. Instead of being frantic and panicked, you’re confident and steady. This is how we turn any stressful situation in your business into a moment of inner peace.

You can’t control what “stressful” things happen in your business but you can control HOW you respond to them.


This is the control you have.


If you’re craving more balance in your business…

my Choose Again Masterclass is for you.

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