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When I was 26, I was almost fainting in public my anxiety was so bad.

I had tried everyyyyyything to make my anxiety go away. I tried ignoring it, listening to spa music, my phone was on silent for 6 months, I Googled everything, I tried meditating and journaling…. and when therapy didn’t work, I got really scared. I thought something was really wrong with me.

Desperate, I reached for a spiritual book and inside it it said “it will not leave you until you love it.” I thought “Love it? How can I love my anxiety? I hate it. I want it to go away!”

In an attempt to love my anxiety, I decided to learn from it and IT WORKED! My anxiety started going away and my happy self came back!

Turns out, my anxiety was here to teach me a lesson. I wasn’t broken, there was nothing wrong with me and my anxiety wasn’t forever.

Since healing my anxiety, I’ve spent the last 6 years helping women all over the world heal their anxiety as well with my Love Vs. Fear method.

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 “Your anxiety will not leave you until you love it”

Does this sound familiar?

  • You’ve been suffering from anxiety but can’t get it to stop

  • You’ve tried traditional modalities of healing (therapy, yoga, meditation etc. ) but it’s not working like you’d like it to

  • You know what to do BUT you're not getting the relief you want 

  • Your anxiety scares you

  • You have a “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it” attitude towards healing your anxiety

  • Your anxiety controls you

  • You’ve been diagnosed  GAD (general anxiety disorder)

  • Your anxiety takes away certain freedoms (driving, enjoying your romantic relationships, feeling safe in your body etc.)

  • You don’t have support at home

  • You’re on medication and don’t want to be anymore

  • never feeling relaxed


With the Love Your Anxiety membership, you’ll go from scared and powerless to relaxed and free.


You’ll finally feel confident and optimistic for your life. 

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What's included: 

  • Anxiety Academy Training Videos

  • Growing video vault of specific healing videos (ex. intrusive thoughts anxiety)

  • Access to a room full of women who are just like you

  • 1 Monthly Group Support Call

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investment options



*can cancel at anytime after 4 months


$999 TOTAL

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How It Works 

#1 - Watch the Anxiety Academy training videos

#2 - Watch 1 video per week

#3 - Search for your anxiety for your specific anxiety healing video 

#4 - Join the Facebook Group/ community  

#5 Add the monthly call to your calendar

That's it... a very simple structure to be on your way to healing your anxiety!

the results are in


success rate with Anxiety Academy system


of students are moms


of students have tried therapy and not gotten the results that they wanted

Top 3 places where our students come from -

#1 United States

#2 Australia

#3 Canada

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About Emilie

Emilie Clarke is not a doctor but she is a girl who figured out how to heal her anxiety. After trying everything to heal her anxiety, she was desperate. She read a book and inside it, it said "It will not leave you until you love it." She thought

"Love my anxiety? How can I do that?" She had nothing to lose so in an effort to love her anxiety, she chose to learn from it and it worked! She finally healed her anxiety! Since then, she's been on a mission to help people all over the world heal their anxiety by loving it! Her anxiety used to be a 9.5/ 10 every day and by using the tools inside this book her anxiety is a 0.000001/ 10.

investment options



*can cancel at anytime after 4 months


$999 TOTAL

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