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Episode 129 - Best Friend Tag - Conversations with my bestie!

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

This is a very special episode of the Love Your Anxiety podcast because I have my best friend Ry-Anne to do the BFF tag! Do you remember when these were popular? I hope you enjoy hanging out with us while we laugh and have fun!

Here are the first 6 steps in my Anxiety Academy blueprint to heal your anxiety:

#1 - Know Why You're Suffering From Anxiety:

#2 - Follow the positive anxiety pattern that actually heals it

(Anxiety Academy module)

#3 - What Stories Are You Telling Yourself and Believing?

#4 - Which Attachments Are Triggering Your Anxiety?

#5 - Are You Still Judging Your Anxiety As "Bad"?

#6 - Have You Forgiven Your Anxiety?

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