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Anxious but trying not to be anxious…

You’re trying so hard to not let your anxiety wreck your day…

But the harder you try… the further you get away from peace, happiness, going with the flow and having energy throughout your day.

You put on a smile but on the inside… you’re exhausted.

Because behind closed doors, you’re scared. It’s not getting better and it’s getting harder to hide.

You lie awake a night worrying about everything… You overthink… You’re mean to yourself…

You ask yourself, “is it going to be like this forever?”

But you know what’s going on.

You know learning from someone who’s actually healed their anxiety makes sense.

You know talking to someone would make you feel better.

You scroll on your phone or drink or take a toke for a quick relief.

You avoid the things that make you feel anxious but you feel more trapped everyday.

Anxiety can be a mental prison.

I get it.

That was me too when my anxiety was at its worst. I would wake up dreading how I’d feel that day, again. I would worry and obsess about everything so I could maintain the front like everything was ok. I stopped socializing. My ex-husband saw the worst of it. I’d drive to my dream job, nauseous. My phone was on silent for 6 months straight. Therapy wasn’t working for me.


I was sad and I didn’t know where my happiness had gone.


I was scared.

Here’s what I’ve learned from healing my anxiety.

It’s only in your life to teach you a lesson. Learn the lesson, the anxiety goes away.

Anxiety is not the REAL problem, it’s how you’re responding to the your anxiety that is.

Trying to avoid pain is your survival system. You think you can’t handle anymore pain but you’re in it all day long.

If you really want to get rid of your anxiety and be peaceful, happy, enjoying yourself, have more energy and love life again… whatever you’re doing isn’t working. ⠀


Ask yourself, if you could speak to the future you who’s healed your anxiety, what would they tell you?

If I could go back to the anxious version of myself I would say “healing your anxiety is going to be the greatest thing you ever do! You are so much stronger than you think you are. And you are going to be SO grateful that you did the “hard thing” because now you get to be free, overflowing with love, confident, not care what anyone thinks, enjoy your romantic relationship and build a movement that helps all of humanity.”

I could cry. I wish I could hug that anxious version of myself right now and tell her everything’s going to be ok!

If this resonated with you, it’s time to say YES to the miracle of help.

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