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#139 - Short Term Fixes vs. Long Term Fixes for Anxiety

I know how badly you want to heal your anxiety. Since I've healed my anxiety, I’ve complied this list just incase you’re doing something from the short term list.

Short term fix

  • Pretending it’s not that bad

  • Numbing with food, your phone or shopping

  • Staying busy busy to avoid what’s wrong in your life

  • Clicking the link but not joining

  • Saving a post

  • Hope it just “gets better”

  • Doing the work until you feel good and then stopping

Long term fix

  • Accepting that something isn’t right and needs to be fixed

  • Taking responsibility for your happiness

  • Asking for help

  • Doing Anxiety Academy

  • Trusting your process

  • Do the work

  • Having fun

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